Energy efficiency brought to perfection: fully reinforced window profile system, being manufactured based on the Hightech RAU-FIPRO® material.  In terms of energy efficiency, GENEO® is the best window profile currently available on the market in the UK with an 86mm profile depth. The main characteristic of GENEO® systems is the hightech RAU-FIPRO® material. This fiberglass compound results in high stability window profiles. This technique, no longer requiring the addition of steel reinforcements, results in a reduction of costs by 90%. Therefore, GENEO® allows the best possible level of sound insulation without steel reinforcement. GENEO® meets the technical requirements for energy conservation (EnEV) above the limits. At the same time, the window system opens the door for design and comfort, without the need for compromise solutions.


  – Multiple architectural possibilities due to customized shape, eg. round windows, triangular and angled construction and mullioned which, for the first time, can be achieved with full arming
 – Multiple opportunities of execution due to the extensive colour palette (with foil or painting)
 – Grey gaskets for white profiles and black for the coloured ones
Inclination of 20 ° and outer radius of 5 mm for an elegant view


 – Constructive depth: 86 mm with median gasket
 – Number of chambers: 6 chambers
 – Thermal insulation: Uf = up to 0,85 W/m2K
 – Energy saving: up to 76%*
 – Material: RAU-FIPRO®  – Composite fibber, coextruded gasket exterior from RAU-PVC of the best quality
 – Sound insulation: without reinforcement, RwP = 47 dB (with glass Rw = 50 dB)
 – Burglary resistance: up to class WK3, to class WK2 without reinforcement
 – Air permeability: 4 (EN 12207)
 – Protection from driving rain: 9A (EN 12208)


 – System of profiles for completely reinforced insulated windows, without additional steel reinforcements
 – Exceptional stability due to the high-tech material RAU-FIPRO ®, improved construction of the profile and reinforcing integrated system (IVS)
 – Using the appropriate glass, the windows manufactured from GENEO profiles are suitable for passive houses
 – Visible side of 115 mm for optimum brightness
 – Handling and easy installation due to the weight advantage of up to 40% compared to the usual profile systems
 – Functional chambers for optimizing with thermo-modules of the insulating characteristics of the profile
 – Large rebate depth (66 mm) for installation of triple glazing
 – Reduced pressure at closing, resulting in an opening and closing noticeably lighter due to the innovative geometry of the seal
 – Environmentally friendly, because is recyclable.