Our shower cabins can be customized according to your preferences, you can easily choose both its shape and size.

For small bathrooms, shower cabins with sliding doors are best suited. Hinged shower enclosures have doors that open outwards or inwards and are more suitable for larger bathrooms.

All fixing accessories are made of high quality materials, tested and certified.
We can make corner, square or rectangular shower cabins made of tempered or laminated glass, treated with anti-limescale.

We use several types of glass: clear, anti-limestone, satin, smoked or bronze glass. The shower cabins can also be customized sandblasted.

The shower cubicle has polished, glossy edges and includes the following accessories: fine and glossy profile with silicone gasket for sealing, stabilizer bar adjustable at 45 degrees/straight bar at 90 degrees, quality stainless steel hardware, double hinges.

*We specify that the shower cabins do not have a bathtub.


Model with clear glass

Model with sandblasted glass

Model with gray glass

Custom sandblasted glass model