ActivPilot covers all solutions in one system, which will be in the future a new standard. The system is based on the well-known AutoPilot hardware technique. We took over and further optimized all the advantages of this generation – whether we talk about the safety of the scissors, long and easy to process parts or the progressive closing of the scissors. For the new generation of hardware we maintain the chain of the system, the intelligence, strength and form of the components. ActivPilot is an intelligent modular system, well-structured, which finally leads to the drastic reduction of constructive components.

Burglary resistance

The Winkhaus quality standard is especially safe – all safety closing plates are fitted with steel body. Safety also for the future: the safety windows can be retrofitted with hardware up to WK2.

Easily adjustable

The octagonal locking bolt can be simply adjusted by hand – for a waterproof locking, in a few seconds. With this new system, activPilot is a unique hardware for windows.

High quality

The high level of quality of the Winkhaus activPilot hardware is certified by the RAL check-up. It gives you the certainty that you have acquired a quality product, which will be kept for the entire operational life.

Energy savings

By activPilot multi-slot ventilation, windows casements can be tilted on various distances. This allows extensive ventilation, without significant energy losses. Therefore, both the health and the wallet are being spared.

attractive design

The attractive design of the activPilot hardware systems gives windows a distinctive touch. The rounded edges are touch-friendly and easy to clean.

Flexible retrofitting

ActivPilot hardware system can be easily extended with supplemental functions, e.g with casement lifter for an easier closing. Our specialist will be happy to advise you!




Few moves for a perfect adjustment. Comfortable, safe, tight.

 – Winkhaus quality standard of steel which poses problems to burglars.
 – Unparalleled! Hand control.
RAL quality symbol means a real quality.
 – With activPilot you don’t heat the room in vain.
 – The aesthetic design of activPilot hardware items increases the value of your windows.
 – activPilot can be equipped anytime with optional hardware.


ActivPilot Comfort

The proper solution for healthy ventilation

  The comfortable solution for healthy hygiene in your home. Modern windows are designed to respond the increasing requirements for thermal insulation and energy savings.   The issue in this case: Increased tightness of today’s windows allows a sufficient air exchange in your home. Especially in the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom the air has a high degree of humidity, being necessary to ventilate on a regular basis. Otherwise, mold and spores can spread, endangering our health and damaging the construction materials. Parallel opening of autoPilot Comfort system is the perfect and comfortable solution for this problem. Therefore, you ensure a better hygiene of your home. A pleasant feeling.

  There are no air current and the windows don’t slam
More safety when you leave the house.
  Compared to the usual tilt and turn windows, autoPilot Comfort offers, in addition to ”tilt” and ”turn” opening, a new opening possibility: ”parallel opening”. The window is very easy to bring in such position. All you have to do is turn the handle by 180°. The casement will be placed parallel to the frame. A 6 mm wide gap will be formed, which allows natural and safe ventilation in any type of weather.

Important: In this position, the burglary resistance class WK 1 is created, as if the window is closed. What’s safe is safe!




ActivPilot Select

  The PVC windows with ActivPilot Select fitting distinguish themselves by their timeless elegance.

  The hinges mounted in the window are not visible which is ideal for costumers valuing the aesthetic character and the original solutions. This type of fitting fulfills the modern architectural requirements in new buildings and restoration work.

  Thanks to this type of fitting, monuments’ windows are now able to maintain their original style.

The standard hardware is suitable for windows with a sash mass of 100 kg
  • completely hidden hardware which emphasizes the aesthetic aspect of the entire window
  • the permissible load of the hardware of 100 kg, with the possibility of adaptation up to 150 kg
  • anti-burglary clip in the folding
  • opening wing has the possibility of adjusting the pressure
  • micro tilt


The Winkhaus security system

With the launch of the overturning lock, the Winkhaus company has set new standards in the field of door technology.

  Winkhaus opens up numerous opportunities for a marketing offensive aimed at end customers, based on the advantages these products offer for manufacturers of multi-point security doors. In this sense the trends are to improve safety and increase comfort and design.

 Another advantage for end customers in the private sector is represented by locks with a semi-open mechanism. These allow you to semi-open the doors without the possibility of unauthorized access. The semi-open function can also be unlocked from the outside, with the key, similar to the normal doors

Wide range of products:

 – Eccentric lock
 – Multiple locks with tilting blocker
 – Triple lock with semi-open function
 – Mechanical / electronic lock
 – Lock for exit doors
 – Fire doors lock