Cost-effective solution for sliding doors!

    Although they are large, high and heavy, these systems can swing and slide to the side very easy. The sash swings, than slides in a parallel plane, thus saving space. In order to close, the sash will return to the swinging, closing position.


 – Of regular profiles on rails on the horizontal frame
 – Heights of the sash rebate between 600 – 2700 mm
 – Widths of the sash rebate between 600 – 1650 mm
 – Weights of the sash up to 160 kg
 – Sliding mechanism, easy to use, quit and sustainable
 – Comfort due to the fact that the metal hardware is mounted far from the frame
 – The stops placed at the top and the bottom of the door ensure safety when open, by stopping the sash
 – Optimum sealing ensured by the rubber gaskets
 – Micro-ventilation


Burglary resistance: up to resistance class 2 (WK2)