Dyeing plastic has always been a challenge because it has a smooth surface, unsuitable for standard paints. At Trio Nec we have the materials and technology to offer PVC spraying services to manufacturers and suppliers. This dyeing technology we use forms a compatible coating on the plastic surface, resulting in a permanent finish that is also completely weatherproof. Through this specialised process, we can dye any PVC item to achieve a durable and attractive finish.


  • Acclimatisation: is the operation whereby the profiles to be painted are brought to a temperature close to that at which they are painted, i.e.20-25″C.
  • Preparation: this is the phase of the technological process in which the surface to be painted is stripped of its original protective film, blown off with compressed air, the areas not to be painted are protected and degreased with the degreasing agent.
  • Preparing the paint: choose the colour, take out the recipe, weigh the components of the recipe, then mix well and check if the colour is exactly as required.
  • Painting: consists of applying a coat of Alpocril EML LE paint on the surface fresh from the preparation phase. Painting is done in a paint booth with controlled parameters and in the first phase a layer of paint with a thickness of approximately 100 microns is applied to the wet paint using HVLP technology guns.
  • Drying 1: is the operation where the paint layer is left in the drying chamber for at least2 hours for the paint film to dry for the subsequent operation.
  • Varnishing: consists of applying a two-component transparent acrylic polyurethane varnish with high UV and mechanical protection over the painted surface.
  • Final drying: this is the phase of the technological process in which the previously painted and vamished surface is introduced into the drying chamber, which is a space with controlled climatic parameters to ensure optimal drying conditions. This stage of the process requires a minimum of 12 hours for thorough drying.
  • Re-foldering: consists of applying a protective film to the surface in order to protect the product in the subsequent processing phases until it is mounted on the building. Final quality control is also carried out at this stage.
  • Preparation for delivery: products that have passed all the previous stages are placed on racks or pallets and are ready for delivery.

The entire technological process takes a minimum of 24 hours to complete for single-sided painting.

The range of products used by our company is recognised throughout Europe and has successfully passed tests carried out by various independent testing institutes. Various brands of PVC profiles have been used in the tests, painted and then tested.
The painted PVC surfaces were placed in the climatic chamber for 6(six) months which is equivalent to a period of 7(seven) years in Central European climatic conditions. This test was used to monitor factors such as resistance to UV radiation, alternation of seasons