SGG PLANISTAR® SUN is available on SGG PLANICLEAR® clear glass.


Thermal insulation.
SGG PLANISTAR® SUN is a glass with low emissivity, which allows to achieve an increased thermal insulation in double glazing: Ug* = 1.0 W/(m2.K)

Solar Control.
SGG PLANISTAR® SUN allows the installation of large windows, limiting the overheating of the interior space due to the low solar factor (g=0.38), 62% of the solar energy being blocked outside.

Visual comfort.
Limiting the passage of solar energy allows reduced use of exterior or interior shading systems. At the same time, the high light transmission (TL=72%) and the optimized selectivity close to 1.9 promote SGG PLANISTAR® SUN in the category of high performance products.

Energy savings.
Optimizing energy consumption throughout the year by reducing cooling, heating and lighting costs.


In the current context, the increase in energy tariffs, environmental problems and the need for comfort emphasize the importance of the energy efficiency of buildings. Thus, reducing energy consumption becomes a necessity that must not interfere with obtaining the desired comfort inside the building.

In warm climates or for South and West window orientations, SGG PLANISTAR® SUN is the optimal solution to achieve high energy efficiency by reducing overheating in summer, while providing increased thermal insulation in winter and giving a generous supply of natural light in any season.

SGG PLANISTAR® SUN is a double-property deposition glass: low emissivity (reflects long-wavelength infrared radiation) and solar control (reflects a large portion of solar energy). This is a type of clear glass on which a thin transparent layer composed of material of metallic origin is deposited by the vacuum sputtering process.


The SGG PLANISTAR® SUN type of glass must be installed in insulating glazing with the deposition on face 2. Spectrophotometric values ​​according to SR EN 410 and SR EN 673 norms.


The processing of SGG PLANISTAR® SUN glass is similar to that of any type of glass in the SGGPLANITHERM® range. The SGG PLANISTAR® SUN glass must be mounted in insulating glass, with the deposit positioned exclusively on face 2. The deposit on the SGG PLANISTAR® SUN glass must be removed from the contour of the bottles before assembly.

SGG PLANISTAR® SUN glass can be laminated, the deposition always being positioned on the outside of the laminated glass. In the case of this assembly, the deposition and the PVB cannot be in contact.


The SGG PLANISTAR® SUN bottle received the CE mark.