Feeling good starts with a pleasant temperature.

The SYNEGO profile system ensures a pleasant temperature, a high level of comfort and safety for your home: compared to current conventional windows, SYNEGO offers you up to 50% better thermal insulation. Therefore, you’ll see your heating costs go down and you will experience a new good feeling, which you’ll never want to give up.


 – Energy savings due to the high level of thermal insulation
 – Reduced noise with the highest level of sound insulation
 – Increased level of safety due to the individual burglary resistance
 – Creative design of windows with more than 220 colours and a variety of shapes
 – Clean, shining windows with perfectly smooth surfaces due to the unique High Definition Finishing formulae
 – Reduced environmental impact due to the manufacturing process protecting the natural resources
 *Standard window with Uw = 1,36 W/m²K; SYNEGO with Uw = 0,66 W/m²K


 – Number of chambers: 7 chambers – Constructive depth: 80mm / median fitting
 – Thermal insulation: Uf = up to 0,94 W/m²K
 – Exterior: made of the best quality RAU-PVC
 – Sound insulation: up to class 5 , Rw,P = 47 dB with Rw = 50 dB glazing
 – Tightness to rain showers: 9A (DIN EN 2208)
 – Burglary resistance: up to resistance class 3
 – Air permeability: 4 (DIN EN 12207)


 You can choose between the countless options for design regarding your SYNEGO windows: white flashing, imitation wood decorative foil, warm colours, with structures surfaces or modern plain colours.

 Choose your favourite colour between over 220 decorative foils being available. You can choose for a different look inside and outside, e.g anthracite on the outside and classic white on the inside.

 – Using the appropriate glass, the windows of SYNEGO profiles are suitable for passive houses
 – Visible side of 110 mm for optimum brightness
 – Large rebate depth (66 mm) for installation of triple glazing
 – Reduced pressure at closing, resulting in an opening and closing noticeably lighter due to the innovative geometry of the seals
 – Environmentally friendly, being recyclable.