Comfortable ventilation With the new
TRIO NEC windows for a safe home

New: The 3D opens around the sash, which moves slightly away from the frame. This method of controlled ventilation helps avoiding mold and harmful insects. At the same time, the window is completely locked. Anti-intrusion protection and also energy saving!
Best ventilation conditions in all kinds of weather.
Besides the tilt opening, the 3D window also provides a safe parallel opening position. By simply turning the handle, the window sash moves away around the frame, at a distance of 6 mm. The narrow air vent which covers the entire perimeter, facilitates economic ventilation, without air currents.While in the tilted position of the window the rain may penetrate the window, in the parallel opening position this is impossible, even during a storm.

We recommend you to try the safe ventilation provided by the new TRIO NEC 3D window.

  • Keep the insects outside. The new TRIO NEC window makes it possible: prevent insects from penetrating the window both day and night. At the 3D window, the sash moves away from the frame by 6 mm and does not allow the insects to enter the house.
  • The mold of the dwelling belongs to the past. The new 3D window provides a a long-lasting ventilation, without unnecessarily cooling the room. And since the open window is secured against burglary, it allows ventilation even in case of long-time absence from home.
  • Energy saving ventilation.
    Advantage provided by the window – low cost-energy.
  • For burglars we have prepared something: the new TRIO NEC 3D window placed the sash at 6 mm around the frame and resist burglary attempts up to RC2 class.! Winkhaus steel safety components can handle any burglar.
  • The narrow air vent of the window left in the parallel opening position reduces the outside noise by more than 30% – compared to the normal position of the opening, the tilt opening position.

    With the new TRIO NEC 3D windows you can enjoy more peace and concentration.